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Darren's Templates include the PSD Files that enable total editing - this is why filesizes seem large; the actual templates have minimal footprints...

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20 darkroom.zip

33 orange-crush.zip

41 news-portal.zip

47 ezine.zip

61 artic-breeze.zip

190 ez-edit.zip

222 broadsheet.zip

282 bookworm.zip

284 high-roller.zip

441 back-to-nature.zip

453 noteworthy.zip

453 technology-blog.zip

542 cool-blue.zip

687 forest-floor.zip

713 morning-news.zip

715 mother-earth.zip

900 fruitopia.zip

957 flower-power.zip

1,269 garden-gate.zip

1,336 naturalist.zip

1,697 organic-impression.zip

1,803 great-outdoors.zip

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of Organic Impression -

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Here : 997 tinibizcmsT1.zip

Template Links (are on the left along with expanded size on disk)
  Template Gallery - The best way to browse the Templates is to see them all on one page, the Template Gallery  
  Artic Breeze - size on disk: 328kb - shown here as a PunBB Forum which TiNiBiZ CMS can help you implement  
  template pic - Here is a link to the Artic Breeze Template Picture - any layout you see here can be done as "A B"  
  Back to Nature - size on disk: 768kb - nice eye appeal - if the layout is right for you, your edit job will be minimal  
  inside page - Here is a link to the Back to Nature inside page - which has text going completely across the page  
  Bookworm - size on disk: 624kb - a fine template - if this layout works for you here - or on any other template -  
  inside page - the beauty of CSS is that you can easily transfer the very best layout to the most pleasing template  
  template pic - Here is a link to the Bookworm Template Picture - simple, elegant, and ready for you to customize  
  BroadSheet - size on disk: 536kb - nice, tight design gets a lot done in a minimum of space without looking busy  
  Cool Blue - size on disk: 888kb - if making an Impact is what you are after - scope this baby will Knock You Out  
  Darkroom - size on disk: 52kb (smallest footprint) - same design as Cool Blue above but has a Warm Sepia Tone  
  E Z edit - size on disk: 500kb - actually, the editing of these templates is an easily acquired skill that is definitely  
  inside page - (here is a link to the E Z edit inside page) worth having - then ALL your edits are E Z and FUN !  
  eZine - size on disk: 416kb - looks like E Z edit (above) was edited to create this eZine which looks very interesting  
  Flower Power - size on disk: 2.12mb (third largest footprint, because extra files are included) - is Just Beautiful !  
  Forest Floor - size on disk: 1.00mb - these five templates: Flower Power, Forest Floor, Fruitopia, Garden Gate,  
  Fruitopia - size on disk: 1.77mb - and Great Outdoors, all seem to be variations on a theme...with all the different  
  Garden Gate - size on disk: 1.89mb - layouts and included customization help, this series is sure to be a favorite,  
  Great Outdoors - size on disk: 2.58 (second largest footprint) - even with novices - again, they are Just Beautiful !  
  High Roller - size on disk: 548kb - Very Professional Look and Feel, which is Typical of all Darren's Templates  
  inside page - a link to the High Roller inside page - Kudos and Thanks to Darren Hester of Designs by Darren !  
  Morning News - size on disk: 860kb - seems to be a variation of the High Roller Template, the layout a bit different  
  Mother Earth - size on disk: 1.25mb - this template and the one below seem to be additions to that great set of five  
  Naturalist - size on disk: 1.97mb - similar templates above - with so many layout variations to choose from, editing  
  News Portal - size on disk: 116kb (second smallest footprint) - these templates has got to be a sheer pleasure.....  
  Noteworthy - size on disk: 1.06mb - the Naturalist Template above appears to be a very special creation - LOOK  
  Orange Crush - size on disk: 140kb (third smallest footprint) - the Orange Crush template comes with five different  
  layout 2 - layouts and with its small footprint is definitely worth downloading even to just study it - any of these links  
  layout 3 - will get you into the Template; after which you can use the Template Navigation which is Fully Functional  
  layout 4 - to jump around within the template itself, to compare and contrast layout variations...one of my absolute  
  layout 5 - Favorite Features of these templates, the "breadcrumb navigation links", will be added to this template...  
  Organic Impression - size on disk: 7.67mb (largest footprint) - comes with all the PSD files necessary to do a full  
  inside page - a link to the inside page - edit; this is definitely the most impressive template in the entire collection  
  Technology Blog - size on disk: 1.33mb - everybody ought to have a TechBlog to rave their favs - just a snap here